box of spiders.

Sometimes disasters happen.

Disasters are slightly more likely to occur when your team has only played one game in eight days, or when you trust unlicensed dental practitioners. Luckily only one of those were our problem today. Choose your disasters wisely.
 We don't really think it's fair to give out awards on such an evening – I mean, we're not the type to give "good job…almost!" awards to the second place kids at the kickball tournament  – it will only lead to disappointing marriages, dead end jobs, and the endless toil of mediocrity.

The Penguins unfortunately ended the streak of wins at home, topping out at 13, which ain't nothin' to be ashamed of. What we can be ashamed of is a 5-1 home game against the Panthers. That's just embarrassing, you guys.

The first period wasn't exactly a shit show – the Pens put up a fight. But the Panthers weren't having any of it and made it very clear, skating circles around the Pens, that they were planning on cashing in on the Penguins looking so sluggish and disjointed.

From there we never really got it together. The Panthers steadily racked up the goals as we milled around, continuously found ourselves on the PK, and generally looked like we were a little dazed.

Nisky made sure we didn't leave the building with a goose egg. He got one in from the point and saved us from oblivion in the third.

If you stuck around after the game for the interviews, you heard a handful of the boys fessing up to Not Feeling It tonight, and being clear that they weren't making any excuses for the event.

The games are picking up again. We'll shake the rust off and get back to playing like heroes. If not, Puck Huffers will be hosting a letter writing campaign in which we send motivational boxes of spiders to the front doors of players.


We're bored and want to organize something :/

But spider won't be necessary.
We all know how this goes. We got this.

Never losing again.


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