breaking news or something: Ray Shero fired, Bylsma retained at mercy of new GM

really quickly, here are some reasons that this makes sense:

  1. Dan Bylsma is getting paid until 2016 whether the Penguins ownership likes it or not.  They are passing the buck on the decision to the new GM, which makes total sense, because. . .
  2. The New GM is the person who is going to hopefully redesign the entire organization’s development strategy, and he needs to be the one who decides who his coach is.  Penguins ownership clearly thinks that Bylsma is not a poor coach (he’s not, he has a certain finesse–but this was definitely not the right team for him after 2010).  They want the decision on the entire coaching staff to come from someone who has a plan.  Right now, the Penguins ownership doesn’t have a plan.  Shero had a clause in his contract allowing him ultimate authority on all hockey-related decisions.  Burkle, Lemieux, and Morehouse basically handed him a suitcase full of molten gold and told him to take good care of it.  He left it at a bus stop on Fifth Avenue roughly four years ago.  The Penguins’ ownership only plan right now is to bail out this sinking ship.  They had to fire Ray Shero.
  3. Why did they have to fire Ray Shero?  Because most of the problems surrounding the Pens’ meltdowns can be traced back to Ray Shero.  His shitty decisions with drafting forwards and his habit of trading away picks for guys to “spackle” the lineup short term screwed the team into playoff situations with extremely questionable depth scoring.  You need to score goals to win games, and Shero was constantly trying to piece together a supporting cast without paying full price.  He basically shopped at Sam’s Club for every forward that he acquired for the Penguins, and it shows.  His staff’s remarkable eye for defensemen and occasional wizardry on deadline day did a lot for the Pens (not to mention his timely decision to fire Michel Therrien, as much as it pains us to say so): it’s what got them to the point where they could win the Stanley Cup.  Short-term, these decisions made sense.  But long-term, it looks a little slash-and-burn.  He fucked us.  He had good decisions, but he fucked the Pittsburgh Penguins.  If you’re scraping at the bottom of the barrel to find someone to play with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, there’s a huge problem with not only the way you’re handling your money, but the way you are constructing your team.

The Penguins need to haul ass on finding their replacement, and (we believe) there is a very good chance that he will immediately let Bylsma go and perhaps retain one or two members of his staff.  Mike Babcock’s name has been mentioned.  PH Staff would cream their panties and hide under the bed (in the good way).  We hope Jacques Martin stays, as previously mentioned.

Everyone else can eat a dick.

Someone who is just a few shrewd trades away from winning the Cup will probably hire Shero quickly.


go pens.


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