Dead, dying, reborn

Sorry that we didn’t provide you with more live updates from Denver. Fair warning: don’t go to Denver if you don’t expect to be constantly inebriated. We went to a bottomless mimosa brunch at which, even after saying “No I’m fine” to an offer to top off my blood orange mimosa, I was topped off anyway. Against my will.

Needless to say, we smoked a few cigarettes after that one.

Let’s talk real quick about the game.

First of all, they don’t fuck around at the Pepsi Center. The whole lower concourse smells like churros (though we had previously heard rumors of it smelling like kettle corn) and Avalanche fans are serious ballers, in their Nordiques jerseys and sensible shoes. There was one Horrible Woman behind us at the game, but every back row of every arena has a Horrible Woman who says things like “GET IT” and “Why isn’t Sidney Crosby playing? They’re stupid!” But I mean. What are you gonna do.

Our section was maybe 40% Pens fans and we definitely drowned out the “LET’S GO AVS” chants with “LET’S GO PENS” a few times.


Great seats behind the goal for the shootout.

This game was cool to be at because the Pens worked it out with a skeleton crew and half a tank of gas.

We didn’t get to see Max. We were scared to get too close. But he was there. Skating badly and wriggling around.

Our three stars were:
1. The PK that kept the Pens in it for the shootout. Dear god. We couldn’t breathe.
2. Tanner Glass’s flow. Also his assist.
3. Jayson Megna’s 6:52 TOI.

Possible Vacation Recap of Flames vs. Kings tomorrow in addition to the Detroit game, which Kim should be bringing you in grand fashion.

Also, we found this photo on Google yesterday while we were having an Experience in DIA and we thought it was extremely topical. Please visit our Twitter to enjoy our abbreviated comments on High School Musical 1 and 2.

What would you even do if Zac Efron showed up at your house with Bulleit Rye and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s? What is this photo even from? Do we even really care?

Anyway. Live from Canada in a post-Denver haze, Go Pens, etc.


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