disillusionment is real: the 2014 Stanley Cup Final

really, if you want to think about it, this is the year that all possible dreams died.  The Kings/Blackhawks series was one for the ages, don’t get us wrong.  And much astute observation has been made about the Kings and their success.  The “West is Best” adage has proven true—unless you count goaltending as important somehow.  Quick has been dogshit.  Coming up against the Rangers, who still maintain their shot-blocking and wear-you-down identity even under Alain Vigneault’s new coaching style, is going to be a new challenge for LA.  They are also hitting Lundqvist at his absolute best as he enters his first Stanley Cup Final ever.  This might be one of the greatest series ever played, and all the “narrative” bullshit you have been snorting til 2005 couldn’t be more of a distant memory.

Most years, we’d be grumpy.  But there’s nothing to hate about what we are about to see.  Honestly either team that wins will earn it honestly.  These are two formidable teams, and also neither of them is the Chicago Blackhawks.  Also the overnight lows in northeastern America really aren’t dipping below 50, so we’re fine.

Just…just let it happen.

Meanwhile, the Penguins still haven’t named a GM and god is dead.

whatever, pass the gasoline.


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