We're broken for analysis, because we are still a little crushed–but also so proud of the USA Women's National Hockey Team.  You guys are amazing.  We still are kind of tearing up every time we think about the game.

We all know what happened, we don't have to repeat it.  Team USA didn't close out.  And that hurts. 

This gold medal game's legacy is going to live on, though.  This is a watershed moment for women's hockey.


Obviously this record is probably going to be broken today.  But so many people were invested in this.  Many have said this, and we'll repeat it: a new generation of kids is going to be inspired to play hockey because of this game, regardless of gender or gender identity.  It's a hell of a long road to go.  But we hope that one day, kids will be able to play the games they love, whether they want to go on to a professional league or just have a great time learning and participating.  Hockey is for everyone, and yesterday's game just proved it.  And the American women's hockey program is going to grow as a result–so, hopefully, will women's hockey programs all over the world. 

It was almost hard to get pumped as hell for the men's game today because we know they're all going home to be millionaires and white dudes with Benzes.

But that lasted less than 24 hours and we fucking taste blood so let's do this shit.



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