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finally someone puts the hammer down

It goes to show how much faith we have in our hockey media, or really just the media in general, that when the tweets start happening our first instinct is to assume that within a few hours, it’ll be redacted, or turn out to mean something else entirely.  But Bob McKenzie, who is essentially the Frank Worsley of NHL coverage, did not lead us astray.

Read those tweets though, some seriously asinine and insane stuff being said by The Internet.  Let’s get the record straight.


complaints about this you will hear from people whose biggest achievement this month is filling the garage fridge with IC Light:

  • Rutherford is hella old.  He is, as we say, An Old.  To which we say: whatever
  • His track record is “worse”–even though he’s had a 20-year career with the Hurricanes and a small sample size of that has been in the salary cap era.  The Hurricanes have not been doing well the last several years and have failed to qualify for the playoffs since the Penguins swept them in the Eastern Conference Finals in 2009.
  • David Morehouse has hired someone for his puppet regime.  Yawn.  Jim Rutherford is a grown man, get your head in the game wildcats.

anyway here is a sample, via Wikipedia, of Rutherford draft picks with the Hurricanes sorted by games played:

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 11.25.27 AM


it’s not exactly overwhelming us with awesome, but we’ll take it.  Some key draft years to look at with Rutherford are 2007 and 2010.  His 2010 draft in particular saw him take Jeff Skinner, Justin Faulk, and Danish goalie Frederik Andersen, who did not reach terms with the Canes and was re-drafted by the Ducks 2 years later.  In 2008 he took Zach Boychuk 14th overall, though, so we don’t know.  Boychuk is a Shero-style first round forward draft pick if we ever saw one.  Boychuk has spent most of his life in the AHL and on waivers.  As you recall, the Pens tried to play with Zach Boychuk in 2013.

Secret Shero draft pick we never knew was a Shero draft pick: Jake Muzzin

VERSUS Secret Rutherford draft pick we never knew was a Rutherford draft pick: Jack Johnson

Seth Rorabaugh of Empty Netters called the Pens hiring Rutherford a “lateral move” and Rutherford said in his press conference that he only expects to have this job for three years at most anyway.  And then, possibly, begins the Jason Botterill era, if he isn’t poached from the Pens by another organization in the coming years or months.  Since we’re not sure–but it’s possible that not promoting Botterill and having some Old Asshole take the big office was kind of a dick move on the Penguins’ (Morehouse’s) part.


Rutherford was very candid in his presser about how he didn’t think Bylsma was good at making in-game adjustments, or even systemic tweaks really, in order to beat other teams.

It seems that Bylsma didn’t even have a chance at keeping his job after listening to Morehouse and Rutherford at the press conference, so again, that was a pretty dick move for Dan.  Even though he’s still getting paid plenty of money.  It would have been perceived as rude.  If anyone is going to get eaten by Hannibal Lecter this season, it’s going to be David Morehouse.

Botterill is now “associate general manager” by the way.  The new assistant GMs are Tom Fitzgerald and Bill Guerin.

No idea who the new coach is going to be.  Hopefully someone who doesn’t believe in crying, “getting to our game”, or speaking in platitudes during house fires (see: the Rangers series).

anyway the real tragedy in all of this is that it didn’t somehow happen before a game in April because we would have loved to listen to Paul Steigerwald lose his mind about it during an odd-man rush.

go Pens, kill your masters


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