Hello from Denver.

So, we’re in Denver, and we’ve Learned A Few Things about the city so far.
– The coffee scene is decidedly uncivilized.  Nothing seems to be open before 10AM.  So when we rolled out of bed, delirious and in need of coffee, we spent two hours looking for coffee before our brunch place opened at 10.  We did not find any.  Except 7-11.  So we had to tough it out.
– Mountains may or may not be real.  We arrived late at night just as the bar/club across the street from our hotel was starting to pick up its business.  We didn’t glimpse the mountains until we spotted them from the top of a hill this morning, creeping up the street at us like some kind of horrible specter.  The veracity of these Mountains is still in dispute.
– Apparently, the sort of people you see lining up at the legal recreational weed dispensary before it opens for the day may not be savory young men you want to have brunch with.
– The brunch scene in this town is out of this world.  If you can handle the wait for the place to open.  There were serious bros and hipsters waiting for brunch with us and some of them were so upset that they had to wait for the place to OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  They kept trying the doors.  There was a lot of pearl clutching in the streets.  And it’s like.  You’re from around here.  You presumably know how to use the Internet.  You know this place opens at 10AM, right?  Not like. . .9:54.  Goodness gracious.


This is a rough town.  We kind of feel like we are in another country.  Is there even hockey here?  We don’t really have a hockey sense for this wild west yet.

More information as it becomes available.  We’ll probably try to Mike Lange the game tonight.  Stay safe.  And Go Pens.


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