on Finnish goalie Noora Räty, via the Pink Puck

Check this shit out.

A very good read on Finnish goalie Noora Räty and the state of women's hockey in general over at The Pink Puck.  I had never heard of Noora Räty until Sunday because my knowledge of women's hockey is woefully limited.  (Apparently immediately after I read this, their site went down, so check back later and DEFINITELY READ IT, thanks.)

The fact that women's sports are so inaccessible on a national or international stage is totally upsetting to us.  We're not directly affected since we're not horribly athletic–we work in public service and information technology and deal with our own smaller battles of inclusiveness every day.  But there's gotta be nothing like being at the top of your game, among the absolute best of anyone at what you do, and having no opportunity for advancement whatsoever because you are a female.  But it's fine.  If there's one thing that driven girls will tell you, driven ANYONE-who-isn't-a-white-boy-born-with-a-penis will tell you, it's that we're used to blazing our own trails despite overwhelming odds.

We'll keep following Noora and hopefully provide you with an update on her next season.


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