posted this yesterday and forgot to bring it over to the main site because we’re assholes

just a quick update from the Your Metaphorical Balls Dept.



  • Canada beat Finland in OT, much to our disappointment.  It's okay.  We'll get them.
  • Here is the bracket for the men's playoffs, courtesy of Wikipedia:


  • There is a free bracket game over at Rinkotology (which appears to be down at the moment) where you pick your bracket and also the GWG scorer and final score.  Obviously we picked a USA vs Sweden gold medal game with Phil Kessel scoring the big goal.  Because we're total homers.
  • The USA women took Sweden to town today, 6-1, earning a spot in the gold medal game.  The Canadians will play Switzerland at noon.  Basically we are gearing up for a USA vs Canada showdown Thursday at noon.  Buckle the FUCK up.
  • The men's playoff schedule has been released.
  • For now, watch some ice dancing and prepare to watch Canadians melt down on Twitter.

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