say goodnight, goodbye: free agency 2014

Them’s the breaks:


We lost a lot of good soldiers yesterday, who went on to bigger paydays.

The Engelland contract is the new “Jeff Finger money.”  Deryk Engelland money is sweet, sweet millions.

Joe Vitale is also being overpaid, but by a slightly underachieving western conference team, so it makes sense.  Tanner Glass’s contract is also a bit above reasonable.

Brooks Orpik and Matt Niskanen are both (hopefully) saving up for when they’re old and gray by getting vastly overpaid by the Washington Capitals.  Actually, the Niskanen price tag is fairly reasonable, when you consider Engelland’s contract side-by-side.


  • Thomas Greiss – German backup goalie, an upgrade over Zatkoff without sacrificing much by way of the cap
  • Christian Ehrhoff – hell yeah, and the price is right
  • Blake Comeau – pain in the ass to play against.  Love this signing.
  • Marcel Goc – not an addition, but we get to keep him.  Slowly building a German army.  Right price, too.

No idea what to do with everyone else on this list.  Just enjoy it.

“Addition by subtraction” was the catchphrase of the day.

The sun setting on Brooks Orpik is probably the saddest thing about all of this, since his reliability/toughness on the ice and candor with the press always brought a manly single tear to our eyes.  But he ain’t so reliable anymore.  Still, if you want to talk about the end of an era, Brooks Orpik was the last person around the Pens organization who could discuss the pre-Expectations era reliably as a player.  In short: Brooks Orpik knows things.  And they are things that will heretofore never be known in the Penguins locker room again.

whatever, though.  There’s no time for nostalgia while we are burning shit to the ground.

Go Pens.


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