the circle of life: our god returns

Hi guys, we posted this last night on our Tumblr but our Bloguin site was still down.  Enjoy.  More about the playoffs later on today.

Longtime readers of PH began notifying us feverishly over the wires, and we finally feel confident enough in the veracity of this story to report it to you.  Yes, it’s true that John Curry has returned to our sphere, but in a confusing way.  Only deities challenge you this deeply.  He’s backing up Ilya Bryzgalov for Minnesota.  But we want the Avs to win this series.  Our god does not appreciate being defied.



We admire Michael Russo of the Minnesota Star-Tribune, who wrote this article about Curry’s return to the NHL.  But what the fuck is this


Is that a subliminal reference to this:


(image courtesy Wikipedia)

This photo is by our friend Matt S. It references a similar, and perhaps more important, moment in the year of Our Lord 2009:


honestly the signs are all adding up that an armageddon is coming, we just don’t know what side of judgment we are on.

If you are confused about this long-standing but very secret religious devotion of ours, please refer to game logs from, like, December 08, when the Pens were literally dressing Dany Sabourin and John Curry as goaltenders.  REALLY THIS IS A THING THAT HAPPENED THE YEAR WE WON THE GOD DAMN CUP

God isn’t merciful.  He is swift.  Go Avs though.

Tomorrow, we will bring you some brief recapping of the other playoffs that are going on or whatever.

Curry Bless.  See you in hell.  go pens


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