About PH

Puck Huffers was started in November 2008 for a variety of reasons, namely to prove that we are awesome and channel our interest in the NHL into something constructive. We’ve pioneered innovations in inebriated liveblogging and have expanded our sphere of coverage to include Blingee studies, travel writing, and vampires.

This is not the Penguins fan blog for you if you want serious analysis, .gifs, Photoshop, bro talk, gushing, or breaking news.  We consider ourselves the surrealist branch.  We are here to have a good time.  As the old parable states, we are not here to make friends.  At least not with people who take themselves too seriously to enjoy a good Blingee or mixed metaphor.

We focus on the Pittsburgh Penguins (as that is PH Staff’s hometown team) but welcome fans of any team. General rules of Internet etiquette apply.

In case you missed the sidebar, we can be reached regarding anything whatsoever by e-mailing puckhuffers@gmail.com.

We used to be on Blogger.  Those archives are available at puckhuffers.blogspot.com.  We are now hosted on Bloguin, as of May 2010.  In April 2013, we began cross-posting our posts (and including some bonus content) on Tumblr at puckhuffers.tumblr.com.


Kim is from many places, a fact that makes her plural ‘you’ cycle from “ya’all” to “yous” to “yinz.” She recently escaped Philadelphia to make a home in the sacred city of Pittsburgh. When not teaching young children, she is running off to India or to live in the woods or to hide in the Great American South or some other nonsense. She has a love of shoes that are too high, skirts that are too short, whiskey, and all things nautical.
Twitter: @PHKimberlass

2014-04-09 19.20.18
Zoë is born and raised in Fayette County, PA.  She really likes jam and trees.  You can shut her up (briefly, maybe) with beer or peppermint tea.  Her main ambition in life is to travel to South Georgia Island to visit Sir Ernest and see seals.  She resides in Boston, Massachusetts and is an IT professional or something.
Twitter: @zoeclaire_

Former Staff (whom we still love to bits)

Mary aka maryofdoom
Mary grew up in Golden, CO, which is the home of Coors beer and about ten miles from the real South Park. After meeting and marrying a dude from Latrobe, she now lives in Irwin, PA. When not watching hockey, she loves working on cross stitch, drinking too many vodka tonics, and destroying all challengers at Tetris.
Twitter: @maryofdoom

Megan aka Megatron
Like a good Canadian, Megan has a strong affinity for beer, classic rock, and the greatest game ever played. You can usually find her unconscious, playing video games, or otherwise doing a shitty job of being an actual grown up. She is carrying the banner in Southern Ontario. 

Intern Ann
Ann is a paragon of awesomeness from Coyotes-land in Arizona. We hired her at the start of the 2009-10 season in order to assist us with our daily lives, a duty which she has performed admirably. If you want to win her over bring her Daniel Carcillo and fine Belgian chocolates.  She now works for the Coyotes because she is amazing.

While not a full-time staff member, Allison is essentially our favorite person. We leave her the keys to the van when we get into dangerous situations. She is a goddess among women.
Twitter: @Allison6687

If you have any questions about various PH lore, it’s probably available in the archives somewhere.  (We have a textured, layered past.  It’s Tolkienesque.)

Stephen S. made our banner, he’s amazing. The guys at Bloguin are fabulous as well.

Curry Bless. Go Pens.