sing me a song, you’re the piano man

Hello, friends. When I saw that this game was on the schedule, I got very excited. I grew up watching the Avs play and hearing about my mom’s inappropriate hockey crushes, so when I saw they were coming to Pittsburgh, I immediately called dibs on this game. Also, I must give Mom a hat tip […]


november doldrums

Hello, friends. It feels like it’s been forever since the Pens played a game. This is compounded by their last two games being out west and thus super, super late at night. I managed to stay up for the San Jose game, but that one in LA just kicked my ass. I am also finding […]


angry friday #4

Hello, friends. In the absence of a recap for last night’s game, I bring to you once again: ANGRY FRIDAY Things pissing me off this week include: 1) Dental work I had to get another crown on my teeth this week. This is because I apparently cracked one of my molars. On what, I can’t […]


angry princesses and uss hal gill

Hello, friends. Tonight’s recap may suck more than usual, because I have a terrible headache. Well, it’s not so much a headache, as my face hurts. Probably not as much as Jay Beagle’s face hurts, but it still doesn’t feel great. The dog has been howling at me all day, too, which doesn’t help. Anyway. […]


every day i’m byfuglien

Hello, friends. Today’s post title contains a hat tip to whoever picked that team name for the Thursday night Rinkotology game. YOU ARE GREAT What more can be said about Winnipeg? I don’t even have any witty observations about the town. Or the team. Or poor Tyler Kennedy, on the sidelines with concussion-like symptoms. I […]


angry friday #2

Hello, friends, Once again, it is Friday, and once again, I am angry. Here’s what pissing me off today: 1. My husband’s schedule. Sure, I know that there are people out there who don’t even get to see their spouses (like military people or those who drive trucks) but the husband and I live in […]


professional chainsaw sculpture

Hello, friends. First off, thanks for reading my previous recap and commenting, if you did. For some reason, Lifefyre isn’t letting me sign in, but it’s nice to know that you appreciate my recap style. I’m gonna keep it up for tonight, though probably with less wine…I do have to work tomorrow. Unfortunately, I don’t […]


the denver of canada

Hello, friends. It’s late Saturday night, and we are all glued to the TV. Maybe later in the season we’ll be able to go out with our pals without worrying about what’s happening in Calgary. Oh, who am I kidding? I don’t want to go out with friends on Saturday nights any more. I want […]

angry friday #1

Hello, friends. It’s a lovely day in Pittsburgh. The sun is shining, the leaves are changing into pretty fall colors, and I am angry. This is sort of a natural state for me, though. As the oldest member of PH, it falls to me to claim the title of Resident Curmudgeon. While I’m not quite […]


i wish it was october 8

Hello, friends. What a long, awful summer it’s been. I mean, I hate summer anyway; something about my own personal chemistry makes me susceptible to things like heat and humidity. Which are things that we have no shortage of, here in Pittsburgh. I’m so glad I don’t live in the Star Wars universe, because if […]


extremely rude

BRINGING UP THE REAR WITH RUPPER: AN EXTREMELY FOND FAREWELL BY MARY this post kept breaking itself a bajillion times thanks to Joomla and the Internet, so we’ve made it a third time and hope you enjoy. We have said goodbye to Jags. We have said goodbye to Max. But now it’s my turn to […]


goodbye mullets: a farewell to jaromir jagr

And now, a farewell letter to Jaromir Jagr, as written by our friend @pghsciencenerd. We don’t think you’ll be able to find a person more dedicated to Jagr than she is. Dear Jaromir: We need to talk. Let me introduce myself—I am perhaps one of your last remaining die-hard fans in Pittsburgh. Admittedly, I wanted […]


the great flyer migration of 2011

I woke up this morning in the SexCastle. I can’t really remember last night, but I do remember something about possibly being the filling of a Jeff Skinner and Pekka Rinne sandwich. I swear to you, picture of Jagr that stands in for my actual husband on this blog, nothing untoward happened. I think. Anyway, […]


hello, world

Do you remember when and where you fell in love with hockey? In my case, it was June 2002. The Colorado Avalanche and New Jersey Devils are deadlocked at three games apiece. My mother, the world’s biggest Avs fan, has tickets to Game 7. And my dad (who is her normal hockey-viewing partner) is in […]