november doldrums

Hello, friends. It feels like it’s been forever since the Pens played a game. This is compounded by their last two games being out west and thus super, super late at night. I managed to stay up for the San Jose game, but that one in LA just kicked my ass. I am also finding […]


one day in hell

Pens finally play tomorrow. Feels like at least a decade and a half since the WC. someone named Josh Yohe wrote an article about the boys complaining about Steckel. Come on guys, get over it. Do you want us (or David) to make you dinner and say sorry? Minnesota at NJD is on Versus as […]


one from the heart (except not)

If you’re a Caps fan or a Penguins fan with a brain, it probably really set in over the weekend that celebrating hockey is something you have to do on your own. The Winter Classic was indeed an amazing, primetime event. But between shoddy NBC camera work, completely incorrect weather analysis, and the lack of […]

cocks and balls

2 points in the standings to the Caps at the beginning of January. Wait, that wasn’t a Stanley Cup winning goal by Eric Fehr? Shit. There wasn’t any roof to raise, Semen. We were against this from day 1. Bad vibes, dude. Wrong venue, wrong teams, wrong story. No valuable lessons have been learned. regular […]

circus city

This post is live from the Starbucks on Carson, where I just saw a pack of girls in Mike Green jerseys. Sangria-induced nightmares were had last night about Mike Green making big defensive plays. How do we deal? Is Pittsburgh even ready for this? It’s moments like these when you realize the incongruity. The city […]


apocalyptically terrible

First off, everyone give a round of applause to Megan, who made herself known to us first by e-mailing us ripping on Rob Rossi’s blog.She is basically a lifesaver.Second off, everyone get your pitchforks and torches because we’re marching on the offices of Allegheny Power, who decided that because we had a bad meter socket […]


MY blog! Bwahaha!1!!one!!

That was supposed to be my evil laugh. I think it lost something in the translation to text though. Normally, you would already have pissed yourself in fear. Well, I’m Megan. I’m Canadian, a scorpio, and long walks on the beach are bullshit. Feel free to swamp me with offensive canuck jokes, I will smile […]

so wait who won the december stanley cup

Rick DiPietro closed the door in the shootout and sort of in general, in order to fulfill his dream of being gang raped by his teammates at center ice in front of thousands of unsuspecting fans. unf Evgeni Malkin was reportedly unshaken by the incident. Rumor has it that everyone thinks DiPietro is an “instant […]


back the fuck up

Games against Atlanta have a way of getting nasty, and/or bizarre. But the Pens are just on another level right now. That many penalties, you should lose. We barely noticed the Pens were shorthanded. Not something you can do every night, but a neat trick if you can pull it off. Oh, and, Sid: 25 […]

forgetting the game and temporary goodbye (from kim)

We choose to remember this game as it was in the moments that the above photo was taken.We do not want to think about the fact that our hockey team lost a game, or other perils of our modern lives.Luckily, we don’t have to. In the spirit of the holiday season, we instead would like […]


things we learned from episode 2 of 24/7

1. MaxTal still wears his facial injuries well.  And we still don’t know what color his eyes are supposed to be. 2. Sid’s fight exchange with Niskanen resembled a first-time sex encounter.  We really expected him to say like, “and then he was like, turn around, and I was like, k.” 3. You still pimp […]


cotton candy.

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa!When do we ever get to see a shoot out reach out that far?!At the end we were just screaming WHO IS NEXT?!?!?!? because really, that is what everyone was wondering. When it gets too far, we still call it a Hal Gill round. Call us old fashioned, but we love to see people shooting […]


Tonight was fairly brutal, because we had a game against the Florida Panthers to watch, promptly followed by HBO’s 24/7. We’ll be providing an in-depth recap of 24/7 in the coming days. Perhaps on Christmas Eve, after this whole Caps business has blown over. We’ve been hearing rumblings in the Muskrats management about what the […]


battle zones

It’s almost like we have to give up on this shit, but we can’t help ourselves: Sam Kasan was kind enough to direct us to the page for the Florida Panthers ice dancers in today’s game-day blog and let us know that Brittany O. is his favorite. Oh, Panthers. Thank God this isn’t high school […]



Puck Huffers staff here.We are here to address our public and the events of the game this evening.As everyone knows, we love our team: The Penguins.But we have also sunk a lot of love and devotion into the Muskrats, ever since we Purchased them (as the former Coyotes), renamed them, and moved them to New […]