choo chooo.

As we said, this series is going to have to do a lot to really stir up any fee fees on our part. Last night’s game was best summarized by Zoe:

“…it was just embarrassing. Like a tiny train trying to get up a hill and the train is so cute but there’s no way it’s going to be able to do it and everyone just watches it happen.”

*sigh* Love is pain and life is endless struggle.

The first period was a flashback to the previous god-awful series in which we sat on our asses and wondered if the Chinese Buffet would still be open after the game. The scariest part? Empty Netters had this to say about the period:

“That was a rather uninspired period by the Penguins. They didn’t have nearly the sense of urgency they had during any of the Columbus games.”

Let that sink in while you go get another glass of wine to cry into. We’ll wait right here.

Are you back? Okay, great.

The first goal was an unassisted shot by Pouliot who went up against Maatta and Niskanen and was given a field of daises to prance through. MAF was obviously distracted by a butterfly because that was a messy goal to allow.

The second goal wasn’t anything to blame MAF for – Maatta had to take over for all of the defensive play while Nisky was doing who the hell knows what. Seriously, that combo was a fucking mess in the first.

The second period the Penguins gathered up their dignity off of the ice and decided to remember how to hockey. Sid still looked a little off – his head just doesn’t seem to be in the playoffs this season. MAF really held it down in the second, and Goc put on a golden crown and waved at everyone from atop his “Penguin Trying the Hardest” float. Stempniak’s goal was a needed relief. Neal’s was a godsend, but the chorus of angels was replaced by the incessant whining of Lundqvist.

The third period was just a boring mix of both teams looking equally confused, which landed us into the horrible situation of having to watch OT. And. Well, you know how that went.

And that sucked, unless you’re this guy:


Well, let’s keep chugging along. Maybe we’ll finally make it up that goddamn hill.

Go, little Pens, go.


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