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We won the game last night. I mean, I guess you know that. The puck possession and the shots were hugely in our favor. Crosby and Malkin on the same line seemed to open up some opportunities. MAF was not as bad as the guy sitting at the corner of the bar wants to think that he was.

But…okay? I mean, thanks guys, good job. *shrug* It feels weirdly like a regular season win when you’re already out of the picture for a playoff spot – it just seems insignificant in the larger picture.

This may be individual fatigue. You’re welcome to still be super jazzed about every small success. But I think there’s validity in understanding that playing well and winning are different things.

The Columbus Blue Jackets are the good guy in this situation. They are a team that has worked hard and developed themselves and are facing lack of experience first and whatever team they are playing second. The Penguins are this fucking smarmy, senior-itis suffering, intelligent dudebro that shows up late, gives a half-effort, and goes home with a B+. CBJ? The kid with dyslexia that stayed after class, did the extra credit, and climbed his way to the C+.

You can get mad about that, but if you’re from Pittsburgh don’t you act for one second like you don’t understand the appeal of the underdog. We’ve been CBJ.

The Penguins are the most important team in the world. We all know this. But sometimes a kid has to be sent to their room to think about what they’ve done. It’s getting to the point that if something MASSIVELY DIFFERENT doesn’t happen, the Penguins kind of deserve to be sent to the golf course to think about what they’ve done.

Enough with the attitude. Enough with the laziness. Enough with Dan Bylsma getting to skip on by with a shitty team because he won the Cup with Therrien’s team and we have enough talent to scoop up some awards. Just enough.

The Penguins are our heart and soul but sometimes tough love means knowing that your team – no matter how many wins they have under their belt – is not playing up to their potential. It’s not an individual’s fault, it’s the team culture at this point.

Maybe you’re saying “but it’s a sports team, a win is a win!” I’d like to direct you to your browser tab where you can close this page, because I have no fucking clue how you found this website. We care about way more than wins. We care about our legacy. We care about how we play the game. We care about securing a long-term future of excellence. Getting by without maximum effort works for now, but there’s going to come a day where we need that effort – we don’t want the Penguins to forget how to put it forth.

Sorry not sorry.
Go Pens.


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