with consideration.

Sorry for being shitty about not covering last night’s game. In a painkiller induced haze (to deal with some torn ligaments) I kinda just…forgot that I had to say things about that horrible event. 

There is nothing much to say about the complete breakdown we had last night. There’s a ton to be said for the Rangers, though. They brought the emotion you expect from a team hanging on for dear life, but more importantly, they played a tight game and made very few mistakes. It wasn’t a scrappy win. They didn’t take our heads off with a handsaw – they brought freshly sharpened scalpels. 

Of all the games to vomit on ourselves, this was one we can take. Martin St. Louis kinda deserved this one. We’re in a class of fans that interpret hockey in a very emotional sense – it’s not about numbers and statistics and wins, etc. It’s about the players and dynamics and chemistry. So it’s not hard to say that this loss stings a little less because there was a guy out there playing with his heart in his throat and deserved some happiness.  

From St. Louis in his postgame:

“For the short amount of time I’ve been here, the quality people that we have in here is unbelievable. Obviously in a tough time like this, the support I’ve gotten … I didn’t want to be a distraction. I just wanted to go pull out a gutsy win. The boys played tremendous. Guys stepped up really big tonight.”

He didn’t show up big in the game himself, but just being there was more than we can imagine doing. Hockey has been a safe space for us as fans, and the depth and importance of that safe space is obviously much more significant for players. We’re glad he had that. 

So we won’t think too hard about this one. Next time the Penguins had better wake the fuck up, because the Rangers suddenly have a fire under their asses and aren’t going to take it easy on us. 

Go Pens.


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